Nordson’s Supply Chain Management organization has worked with EYEMG for almost 20 years. It has proven to be a very successful relationship. They have not only been our internet service provider during that time, but we have also developed our first and second generation supplier web portal with them. Working with them on this extremely important corporate tool has been very easy, fast and effective. Their capable and stable organization is consistently responsive, creative and reliable.

The quality and capability of our supplier web portal is repeatedly commented on by our suppliers around the world, as the best customer portal they use. It is very intuitive to use, has robust and world class functionality, and can be relied on to have extremely high levels of up time, 24 hours a day on a global basis.

In my opinion, the support and product that EYEMG has provided us over the last two decades has been a major factor in the continued success or our SCM organization and our corporation. I would highly recommend EYEMG and their services to anyone.


Thomas Petredis
Director, Supply Chain Management
Nordson Corporation

Thomas Petredis

Supply Chain Management Supplier Portal:


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