The eyemg.Compose Content Management System was born from the belief that there are many subject matter experts within a company who can sell, support or communicate different business topics using the Web. The goal was to bridge the gap between these people who have the knowledge and the channel through which they communicate that knowledge. In our case, the communication channel is the Web.

With this idea came many hurdles: Who is responsible for each content area? How do we get a group of diverse people to communicate in a consistent style? How can we maintain a company's brand without limiting the creativity of individuals? How do we speed up the time it takes to get important information to our customers, without sacrificing quality? How can subject matter experts located around the world have a voice?

The eyemg.Compose Content Management System has helped solve a few of these issues. These include:

  • Web-based administration of a company's Web site(s) using free Web browsers
  • A set of rules by which content gets authored, moderated and published
  • A central repository where images, files and other content can be stored, shared and used throughout the site.
  • A template approach to content creation, offering a consistent brand wrapped around the subject matter expert's message.
  • Dynamic site creation, removing the burden of a single Webmaster or Web team having to manage navigation issues, design issues and content creation.

eyemg.Compose Overview

Many of our clients have experienced Web publishing workflow bottlenecks as the adoption of Internet, Extranet and Intranet technologies has occurred. The introduction of the eyemg.Compose content management system to facilitate an electronic creation, review, revision, approval and publishing process has created many advantages within our client base:

Faster Time-to-Web

Clients that utilize a content management system have a tremendous advantage in their ability to match changing market conditions with effective marketing communications through the removal of traditional publishing bottlenecks. The distribution of the content creation, review, approval, and publishing and revision workload to the subject matter experts fosters the creation of more timely, accurate and compelling content. In addition, the distribution of content ownership, responsibility and correction will practically ensure that content is up-to-date, accurate and relevant.

Lowered Cost of Content

eyemg.Compose allows our clients' subject matter experts (marketers, product managers and potentially engineering) to create, publish and revise content without specialized technical knowledge.

More Effective Utilization of Specialized Resources

The distribution of standardized content creation, revision and publishing to the subject matter experts freed up specialized resources, allowing the specialized resources to focus on more complex projects (like graphic design, creation of graphic / interactive elements to support the subject matter experts content, creation of mini sites that promote specific product/service initiatives and other tasks that will utilize specialized talents. )

eyemg.Compose Features

A Simple Outline-Based Interface

In eyemg.Compose, your site is represented as an outline. The outline can have an unlimited taxonomy. Each level of the outline can be assigned authors and moderators.

A Common-sense Publishing Workflow

Content is created by authors, and if desired, can go through one or an infinite level of moderators. When the content is approved, it gets published as a flat Web page (which is preferable for search engine optimization).

Specific authors and moderators can be assigned to content "sections" so that only those authors can create content in that section. This allows you to divide the site amongst appropriate subject matter experts, and still have all changes go through a moderation process before "go live".

eyemg.Compose In Action

Since its first installation as Ford's HRlink Intranet, eyemg.Compose has found its way into many Web sites. Here are just a few of the Websites that have been built on eyemg.Compose:

Akron Children's Hospital
Audio-Technica - a responsive site in multiple languages
Kent Adhesive Products (KAPCO) - an eCommerce website
Steelrite Light-Gauge Steel Construction
City of Akron, Ohio
B & H Labeling
ROO Brew
Weatherchem Corporation
CancerLateFX (cancer survivor website and app)
Dayton Children's Hospital
Terry's Tire Town
Schindler 3300
Greater Akron Chamber
Ownership Advisors Inc.
Business Unserwrtiers Associates

Pro Bono Websites:

One In Six Organization (Prostate Cancer Awareness)
Valor Home (Summit County Veteran's Housing)
Adaptive Spirit (US Disabled Ski Team)
Project Learn of Summit County (Adult Literacy Education Services)
Studio 82 Dance and Fitness (Performing arts for children)

Intranets/Extranets (not accessible without a username/password):

Dayton Children's Employee Intranet (FOCUS)
Reddaway Regional Intranet (Inroads)
Holland Regional Intranet (onramp)
Audio-Technica's System Integrator Resource Center (SIRC)

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