Yes, we do responsive design. For some projects, it gives you the best of both worlds: A great design, and great functionality across almost all devices. No longer do you need to create standard desktop templates AND special mobile-friendly pages just to have content for the small screen.

2013 has been hailed as the ‘Year of Responsive Design’. There has been a trend for users to look at websites across multiple devices (tablets and smartphones).

When you consider redesigning your next site, we might encourage you to go responsive with it.

Why go responsive?

  • Google REALLY likes responsive designs. It actually favors mobile-optimized sites when presenting search results made on a mobile device!
  • There is one URL for each page... not one for the desktop and another URL for the mobile version.
  • Responsive design appeals to those more technical web users; users who are using a mobile device or tablet, and who expect their experience to be perfect. Going responsive is the most effective way to treat mobile and tablet traffic equally, and to offer visitors the best possible user experience.
  • Save cost and time - instead of spending money on mobile development, use responsive templates.

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