Whenever we create a site, we do everything we can to make your site ripe for the search engines:

  • We create a sitemap.xml file (a search-engine friendly file that tells the search engines what urls they should look at, how often they change and how important they are in comparison to the rest of your site.)
  • We create a human-readable sitemap.
  • We register domains that contain keywords related to the product or service you provide.
  • When we register a domain, we register it for five years - some search engines see long-term domain registrations as a sign that your site is important and longstanding.
  • We give you tools you can use to name your website URLs with keywords.
  • We build search engine queues into your content management system: SEO titles, keywords, descriptions, schemas, share images, image alt tags, image captions and more.
  • We integrate ways for your users to share your site content, such as addthis, sharethis and other tools.

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