eyemg starts as a multimedia division of Publishing Solutions

    Our studio began as a multimedia integration firm in 1993. Through Publishing Solutions Inc., our parent company, we were introduced to advertising agencies and corporate divisions interested in creating Multimedia content. Before we were able to sell and integrate the hardware and software necessary to do multimedia, we had to learn it. This created an environment which fostered a very creative, technically-savvy team called the interactive media group. Our clients eventually started to realize that, much like television production, multimedia required not one, but many people's expertise to get a project done. This resulted in our clients asking us to produce their projects for them. Eventually, we decided our talents were better utilized on the creative and technical production of multimedia, and not the integration.


    Multigraphics purchases Publishing Solutions (and eyemg)

    Publishing Solutions Inc./eyemg became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Multigraphics, Inc. of Mount Prospect, IL (Amex: MTI).


    A.B.Dick acquires Publishing Solutions (and eyemg)

    Multigraphics, and therefore Publishing Solutions/eyemg, were acquired by A.B.Dick of Niles, IL.


    eyemg stays in Akron

    Publishing Solutions moves its operations to A.B.Dick corporate headquarters in Niles, IL. eyemg - interactive media group remains in Akron and continues to grow Internet business in Northeast Ohio. eyemg grows staff to 14, expands hosting options and and begins searching for new space.


    eyemg moves to new space and opens a new data center (The Local Data Center™)

    eyemg moves into 6,500 sq. ft. space at Union Point. Local Data Center is established.


    Presstek purchases A.B.Dick (and eyemg)

    Presstek of Nashua, New Hampshire, purchases A.B.Dick, and along with it, eyemg - interactive media group.


    The partners purchase eyemg from Presstek

    Andrew Holland, Glenn Somodi and Andrew Hopkins, the senior management team of eyemg, purchase the assets of eyemg - interactive media group and the Local Data Center from Presstek, Inc.


    eyemg opens up a secondary data center in Freeport, PA

    A secondary data center in Freeport, PA offers eyemg the ability to offer disaster recovery, redundant hosting and regional stability during emergencies.

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