When you meet our team, you will notice something a bit peculiar – none of us wear skinny jeans and we're not fresh out of art school. We're 'seasoned' professionals that have been designing for business since 1994. That's not to say we can't create modern design, it's just that we know when to tell you that the newest trend just might not be right for your brand.

We really look at design with a different eye. Some of us were schooled in advertising and design, but one of us wanted to be an archaeologist, another a formula one race car driver, even a chemist and cryptographer. It is this odd collection of people with different backgrounds that brings life to your project's design. These varied personalities lead to some really unique thinking and a cross-pollination of ideas that might just give your project's design an injection of brilliance.

Of course, when we do finally put pencil to paper, we have the ability to come up with some award-winning web designs. Since 1994 we have worked on hundreds of web projects, immersing ourselves in design, brand strategy, usability and technology along the way. Design decisions are based on what we have learned from similar and different web projects. We know what really works for a website.

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