No cake mix in a box here... we are a true custom web development shop.

Our projects are usually one-off and custom-baked to meet your project's unique goals and requirements. Yes, of course we can also integrate a simple Wordpress blog if that's what you need. But if you need something more unique we have the ability to take on your big challenges, too.

We believe in open source frameworks and the advantages it can offer you and your projects. What if we were to tell you that the $5,000 - $30,000 software licenses you might be facing (or have been paying yearly) can be eliminated, and instead be used in your marketing endeavors? Open source toolsets are usually free or very low cost. And these code sets are used by small and large companies, even our own government. In the almost 20 years of developing in open source technologies, we have been able to turn these tools into money-saving, powerful project accelerators.

Have a project you think might be too tough for a small web shop to handle?

Think again! Our development team has seen a veritable smorgasbord of challenges since 1996. We don't shy away from challenges and we often come up with award-winning solutions. As examples: we created one of the first large realty company property search websites; we built an Intranet for The Ford Motor Company; we produced a product specification website for ExxonMobil; we built Glidden's Color At Home interactive CD-ROM that allowed users to take pictures of their home and paint the walls with Glidden's custom paint colors (sold through Home Depot).

Below are just a few of the custom development services we offer:

  • e-Commerce
  • Custom web-based applications
  • Back-end applications
  • Native app development (iPhone and Android)
  • Custom mobile tool development
  • Responsive website design

Some of the other challenges we have faced:

  • Tied into company mainframes and deployed valuable information out to customer on the web.
  • Connected to company LDAP servers, checking for employee groups and permissions to enable access control on a website
  • Built custom product searches based off complex logic and company rulesets
  • Developed our own content management system that is multi-language, multi-user, and used by both small, medium and very large companies.
  • Created custom eCommerce applications with special customer group rules, sales/promotions, volume discounts, complex tax tables and product cross-selling
  • Built custom ad systems that place ads within ad slots on a site, and track viewer statistics and click-throughs
  • We can chew through large data sets to glean trends and statistics, and then present the results in user-friendly charts and graphics
  • Created a customer service tool, allowing companies to answer questions online, and create a knowledge base at the same time

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