We Use A Proven Process

EYEMG has utilized a standardized estimation and four phase development process since our inception in 1994. These processes have been developed, modified and maintained in order to provide our clients with a consistent work product, timely delivery and budget stability. Following is a high-level overview of EYEMG's design & development process:


EYEMG believes that standardized cost estimation is crucial to understanding the true cost of the variegated project work that is handled by an Internet Professional Services firm. EYEMG's initial cost estimation and project post-mortem reviews allow our firms to more accurately define the true costs of a project based upon previous experience.

Each fundamental task of a project is segmented into nine work types: analysis & specification, design, development, graphic user interface design, production, quality assurance / testing, systems administration, project management and administration. All staff members that will work on a client project are required to provide cost estimation input. Final cost estimates are provided to the client in a range from low cost to high cost.

Once an initial budgetary estimate is approved, EYEMG will work through the following development phases in collaboration with our client work team:


Overview: This phase is concerned with defining the rough parameters of a project. This includes but is not necessarily limited to: Defining project objectives, establishing key audiences and marketing strategies, establishing desired technologies and delivery platforms, defining rough content, defining project team and subject matter experts, establishing rough budgets and project delivery schedules.

Deliverables: Deliverables would include but are not necessarily limited to: a written summary of project objectives and strategies, technology platform specifications, content outlines, project team members and responsibilities, working budgets and delivery schedules.


Overview: This phase is concerned with outlining the basic architecture of the project and how specific information will be communicated. Overall content is mapped out into interactive diagrams and consideration is given to how specific technologies and media elements will fulfill project objectives. Appropriate interactive navigational structures and interface design elements are defined based on the content and project parameters.

Deliverables: Deliverables would include but are not necessarily limited to: Diagrams and maps illustrating navigation and interactive design, specific list of media elements to be produced or re-purposed from existing materials for all content, and a sequence plan for developing and programming this content.


Overview: This phase is concerned with integrating the defined content elements into cohesive structures that contain visual continuity and aesthetic appeal. Design sketches are reviewed and transferred to working screen prototypes that test interface design as well as interactivity. The whole "look and feel" of the project is considered while designing and developing specific content pieces.

Deliverables: Deliverables would include but are not necessarily limited to: design sketches, color printouts, scripts and storyboards, actual digital screen files or samples of digital media elements, packaged, fully interactive prototypes representative of various types of information delivery systems, revised interactivity maps and costs for specific element production or technologies, and updated project timetables and delivery dates.


Overview: This phase is concerned with creating, producing, and programming all of the project content. Implementation includes regular reviews and acceptance of completed elements.

Deliverables: Deliverables would include but are not necessarily limited to: final produced media components as they are completed for review, specific module programming and testing, final programming and testing on multiple systems and final review and acceptance of the finished project.

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