Andrew Holland
Andrew Holland (Drew)

Sales Weasel, Partner

Phone: 330-434-7873 ext.210

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Andy Hopkins
Andy Hopkins ("The" Andy)

Developer, Partner

Phone: 330-434-7873 ext.211

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Glenn Somodi
Glenn Somodi (Idea Hamster)

Idea Hamster, Designer, Partner

Phone: 330-434-7873 ext.209

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Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones

Systems Administrator

Phone: 330-434-7873 ext.204

Bernie Sobieraj
Bernie Sobieraj (Bee)


Phone: 330-434-7873 ext.206

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Jake Tarr
Jake Tarr (Jake, from State Farm)

Front-end Developer

Phone: 330-434-7873 ext.215

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Kathleen Toomey
Kathleen Toomey (Wonder Woman)

Arbiter of all things / Wonder Woman

Phone: 330-434-7873 ext.200

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Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright (Taco)

Developer, Reborn Zombie Intern

Phone: 330-434-7873 ext.211

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