Nordson Corporation

The Supply Chain Central portal allows Nordson to pull information out of their SAP system and onto their customer's screens.

It provides a globally available platform for Nordson to communicate with suppliers around the world. Features of this portal include:

- Demand scheduling (forecasting, time phased material requirements)

- Transactional workflow (purchase order workflow, shipment notices, delivery status, payment upon receipt notices)

- Quality reporting (quality notifications, key performance metrics, supplier segment analysis / comparison)

- Trade compliance polling (REACH - Substances of Very High Concern, ECCN - Export Control Classification, EU Declarations - Country of Origin, NAFTA)

- ISO compliance polling (supplier assessments, code of ethics)

- Preferred supplier auctions


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Web Development, Web Design

Unified Communication Platform

Supply Chain Central provides a unified communication platform for order flow, forecasting, quality, trade and environmental compliance and demand auctioning.

Supplier Assessments

Supplier assessments are maintained by the supplier and provide the most current information for contact, shipping, capabilities and compliance reducing confusion and increasing efficiency.

Suppliers get up-to-date key performance indicators

Suppliers are provided with up-to-date key performance indicators (KPIs) allowing for management of quality, delivery time and cost through supplier-based metrics and comparison to all similar suppliers in the global supply chain.

Supplier Unified Polling

Trade and environmental compliance polling and communication for a global supply base is handled through a unified polling, reporting and maintenance interface increasing speed to compliance achievement and improving the overall accuracy of reported data.

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