Let us show you: Meet one of our systems administrators, Scott McCarty. He's a fun-loving guy who is a little anal retentive (just look at his desk the next time you visit EYEMG). There is nothing that bugs Scott more than things that are out of place - his stapler, his pen, and noises that cannot be identified.

So the fun begins...

Glenn Somodi got an amazing little device, the Annoy-a-tron (available on Thinkgeek.com), for Christmas. It does its part to drive co-workers slowly mad with its short and seemingly random beeps. Glenn placed the device under a metal filing shelf on Scott McCarty's desk, and let everyone (except Scott) know what to expect.

This video shows Bernie Sobieraj (in the foreground) talking with Scott, who is going mad as he tries to find the source of the beeping noise around his desk. Robbie Schneider secretly places his video camera on Scott to record the fun.

Notice as Scott actually starts rummaging through boxes, and moving items off his desk to try to deduce where the beep is coming from. Everyone else in the office was in on the fun and acted like they didn't hear the beep at first, then seemed to not be bothered by it at all... which drove Scott even more mad. Pure fun to say the least!

Turn up your volume, the sound quality is not too great as this was a covert operation.

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