We wanted to create some schwag for GameSnake.com, so Glenn designed the GameSnake "oroboros" graphic shown here to be foil printed onto Ultimate discs (Fribees). He wanted them to print on plain white but his partner, Drew, was adamant about getting them printed on "those UV discs that hold up better in the sun".

So we ordered 500 UV and 500 white discs with our spanking new design on them. We were so excited to open the box when they came. They looked great - they had copper foil imprinted with black, on a nice clear UV plastic.

Drew quickly grabbed a stack of the UV discs and ran out to drop them off to some friends who were ultimate players. Minutes later, I got a call from him... "You won't believe this... the discs turned bright pink when I carried them into the sun!" Nooooooooo... not PINK!

We came to find out that the UV discs were actually designed to change color (the term UV had NOTHING to do with protection from the sun). So now we had 500 pink discs just waiting for a good home. But in a funny turn of events, the ultimate players seemed to dig the color changing discs over the white ones because they were unique. They actually loved them!

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