Back in the dark days (that is when Drew, Glenn and Andy didn't own EYEMG), we were a subsidiary of a public company. We made our living off a quarterly profit sharing program.

We always knew our profit because Drew was dedicated to keeping our own books, much to the dismay of the parent company. We knew, to the last red cent, how much profit we made, and what our quarterly profit sharing checks should have been. But our parent company always had a different 'view' of the numbers. There was some magical fuzzy math that caused us to fight every quarter to get our fair share from 'the man'.

Enter the video: We decided it would be easier dealing with a higher power to make an educated guess as to what our quarterly profit check was going to be. Needless to say, we had some laughs making this video. We had less fun explaining to the executives at the parent company why we did it (somehow they got a hold of the video and were not amused).

As we are now the executives at EYEMG, we feel it only right to unlock the video from our secret vault and let you see it in all of its early millennium glory.

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