Reddaway, Holland, and New Penn

A set of tools to build and populate job listings for three regional companies into three distinct localized websites. The goal was to get content and keywords wrapped around these job listings so that they get picked up by search engines. Online ad campaigns raised awareness for the jobs where more applicants were needed.


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Web Design

Responsive Website Design

The website was built using responsive web design, allowing the site to transform when viewed on desktop, tablets and phones.

One tool to build three websites

Our web-based administration tools allow authors to create content, and publish that content to the three branded careers sites. Each site has a different look, based on the brand. Job listings also get imported into the site as individual pages, and listings by state, metro area, job category and more.

Optimized for search engines

Pages include metro-area, job category and state-specific keywords and copy. This helps the site get picked up in local search engine results, improving the probability that a job listing will be seen by prospective candidates.

Online Job Application

Once a job is found, an applicant can fill in an online job application. The user's application gets fed into a separate career management tool used by the three brand companies.

Job Administration

Job listings get fed into our system, and then get published as web pages on each brand company's website. Search Engine Marketers have an interface to see the current and expired jobs, and can create adword accounts for each job listing right within the interface.

Content Management

To increase the chances of the website being picked up on the local search results, we created the ability for authors to write category-, metro- and state-specific articles, and attach them to job listing pages.

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