Summit County Engineer, Ohio

Summit County Engineer needed a complete redesign of their website. The new website segments audiences into their own areas, where content specific to them could be delivered. In addition, a project database was created to highlight the work being done around the county. Visitors can search projects by city, year and project status. Alerts and notifications of road closures could be highlighted across the site with alert banners.


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Web Development, Web Design

Summit County Engineer Homepage

The new homepage highlighted road closures, new projects, alerts and news. 

New Audience-Segmented Navigation

The new site broke the content into audience-specific sites. Residents, cities/townships, contractors, developers and surveyors all had their own sections on the site, and their own calls-to-action. This allowed the Summit Engineer to talk directly to each audience, and supply files, forms, and tools to each.

Summit Engineer Project Search

The new site offers a project search, allowing visitors to view projects by city, status, and plan year. Projects that are available for bids were highlighted. 

Summit Engineer Project Details

Each project can have its own page, where details such as construction dates, costs, schedules can be shared.

Summit Engineer Site Search

The Summit Engineer site search is improved, and offers the ability to search by keyword and by type of content, allowing visitors to quickly find forms, files, projects and more. 

Summit Engineer Alerts and Notifications

The site allows the Summit Engineers the ability to quickly post road closures, emergency notices and project starts, and also collects all tweets onto one page.

Summit Engineer Audience Pages

The new website segments audiences into their own areas, where content specific to them could be delivered. 

Mobile Responsive Website

The entire site was built to be responsive, working on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. It is also ADA compliant.

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