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Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture wanted a new website that better portrayed their custom-designed furniture brand. The new site has more white space, bigger and better imagery, and new functions that highlight not only the features of each project, but also the craftsmen behind them. A new gallery allows customers to search by different design features, and also by furniture type, making it easier to get ideas and examples of the furniture.


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CVCF Home Page

The CVCF homepage now has large feature images highlighting the furniture and custom design options. Photo galleries expose the searchable project gallery. The craftsmen (makers) are also highlighted.

Meet the makers behind CVCF

At CVCF, the makers are the craftsmen behind a customer's project. We use personalized maker biography pages to introduce each of these makers.

CVCF Project Details Page

Each project that CVCF designs with its customers gets highlighted in the project gallery, along with a project detail page. The project detail page shows off the project through image galleries, along with a section highlighting all of the special features of that project (woods used, epoxy colors, base design and more).

CVCF Project Gallery

The project gallery allows users to search through all of CVCF's custom-designed projects. Users can search on furniture type, furniture style, resin color used, wood used, and specialty features.

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