Terry's Tire Town

eyemg created a set of online tools to allow Terry's Tire Town the ability to quickly and easily set up tire dealer Websites. IN addition, there are also a set of tools to allow those dealers to manage their own leads, advertisements and content online.


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Web Development, Web Design

Example Dealer Website

eyemg's system was used to build out all of the small tire/auto service shops that sold Terry's Tire Town inventory of tires. These sites could be set up quickly, and be customized with the logos, colors, photos and contact info specific to each unique dealer. All changes to their sites were made online via the tools that eyemg created.

Tire inventory search

A user could search for tires by brand, size, vehicle make, and price. The search would look into the Terry's Tire Town inventory database.

Interactive, Animated Service Explanations

Car repair issues were visually and interactively explained via the Website. This tool could be used by a a person casually looking at the site, or the dealership employees could use the animated service pages to help show a customer what is happening with their car.

Dealer Administration

Terry's Tire Town had web-based tools on the back end to create and manage each dealer's website.

Form-based admin tools

Terry's Tire Town could set up the color schemes, photos, logos, address information and page content specific to the dealer's location, all in an easy form-based tool online.

Dealer Admin Tools

Dealer's could log into their own set of tools and manage things like coupons, specials, brands carried, email graphics, and hours of operation.They would also get all leads from the website through an online queue.

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