Summit County, Ohio - Ilene Shapiro

EYEMG helped the Summit County, Ohio executive office redesign their website to better serve the county's residents, cities, villages, townships, advocates, businesses and employees.


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Web Design


The homepage gets users to their specific audience landing pages (residents, cities, villages, townships, advocates, businesses and employees) and also highlights the latest news and information.

Mobile Reponsive

The Executive site is responsive, offering views from mobile to tablet to desktop.

Each audience has a landing page where they can get highlights, calls-to-action, departments, news and useful links

Department Pages

Each department page offers highlights, hours of operation, news, services offered, links, FAQs and more. Additionally, each department lists its address and contact information on each page.


Each division has an "I WANT TO..." dropdown menu offering the most often-asked-for items within their department.

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