Reddaway needed an Intranet to help communicate with its employees. eyemg worked with the marketing department to design and develop a responsive website that is only accessible to the employees. Aptly named "Inroads", it gives employees insight, tools and information from human resources, sales, training, safety, finance and operations.


Specification, Mobile App Development, Web Design

Intranet Homepage

Rotating features, a toolbox with all commonly used tools, company and competitive news, safety reports, events and more.

Department / Sectional Content

The main sections of the Intranet have contacts, content and tools specific to that department.

Advanced Site Search

Allows employees to search for content by keyword and/or content type. Results are grouped together by content type for easy classification.

Searchable Employee Directory

Users can search by first name, last name and department. Results are shown in a dropdown menu. Selecting a name takes you to a detailed contact sheet for the employee. All data is supplied by a connection to their active server directory, so the directory is up-to-date.

Calendar of Events

All events appear in a large calendar, and also in a sidebar calendar throughout the site.

Weather Bug

Employees can set their zip code and get the current weather displayed on the website.

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