YRCW needed a place to highlight resources, case studies, tools and sales campaigns for its workforce. User accounts allow are tied to the different operating companies, and content is delivered based on their sales channels.


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Web Development, Web Design

YRCW Sales Intranet Homepage

The sales intranet homepage highlights campaigns, resources and tools that are pertinent to my operating company(s). Users are able to click the star icon next to any element to keep them in their favorites.

YRCW Sales Campaigns

As new sales campaigns are announced, they are listed on the campaign page. Only the campaigns that are specific to the user's operating company are shown.

Expert Articles & Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is gathered and presented to users, specific to each operating company. In addition, company experts share their sales tips.

Printer-friendly Retailer Lists

All retailers are updated through a database, and a comprehensive list is generated on the sales intranet. Users can sort by any column, and also print the list out.

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