Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority

The Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority is a developer of people, property and community, providing quality housing options and investing in partnerships to enhance opportunities for eligible individuals and families. EYEMG developed a responsive website where local residents could easily find available housing, learn more about the AMHA programs and more.


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Web Design

Mobile view of the homepage

The website was built to be responsive, meaning it could be viewed on a desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Housing on a map

All of AMHA's housing inventory gets mapped onto a Google map, with each color representing a style of housing (senior, family, affordable and special housing)

Property Detail Pages

Each property has a detail page complete with a photo gallery, the year the complex was built, how many units there are, the type of community and additional notes about the property.

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