Coast Distribution needed a website to highlight the features and benefits of their Arcon Lighting LED bulbs for recreational vehicles and motorhomes. Eyemg worked with Coast to determine the features and benefits, and build some interactive tools to help a customer understand why they should switch from incandescent lighting.


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Arcon Homepage

The Arcon homepage quickly explains the features of the LED bulbs. In addition, there are callouts to the interactive functions of the site: The online power cost calculator, and interactive light gallery.

Interactive Lighting Showroom

Visitors can see the difference between incandescent lights and Arcon's soft white and bright white LEDs. Eyemg did a photoshoot of all three types of lights in different rooms of an RV. Visitors can select a room (bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom), then the type of lighting (incandescent, bright white or soft white) and see the lighting differences in a real environment. In addition, the number of bulbs, total amps used and percent of amps saved is displayed with each selection. This shows the visitors that, by switching their incandescent lights to Arcon LEDs, they can save over 90% of the amps traditionally used.

Calculate the Savings

Visitors can enter the bulb quantity and bulb types they have in their RV into this calculator. The total amps used and percentage of amps saved is displayed with each calculation. This shows the visitors that, by switching their incandescents to Arcon LEDs, they can save over 90% of the amps traditionally used by incandescent bulbs.

Arcon Lighting Store Locator

Visitors can search by location, address, city, state and radius. A full listing of all dealers is also available.

Responsive and mobile-friendly

The entire website was built with a responsive template. This means that the same content and template is used for the desktop view as is used by the mobile devices. But, the experience is changed for each, allowing the users to get all necessary content delivered at the appropriate size.

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