Summit and Medina County Ohio Means Jobs

The Summit and Medina Ohio Means Jobs website needed redevelopment. EYEMG worked with the OMJ stakeholders to specify and build a new site, complete with some custom functionality. The site talks to employers, job seekers, youth and young adults.

EYEMG created a virtual job assistant for job seekers. They can tell us about their current job situation (laid off, disabled, veteran, etc.), and the virtual assistant offers up services available just for them, and the next steps to take.


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Web Development, Web Design

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Three sites in one

EYEMG created three sites - one for the Summit County OMJ, one for the Medina County OMJ and another site for the board that governs them. The Summit and Medina OMJ sites speak to employers, job seekers, youth and young adults. 

Ohio Means Jobs for different audiences

The websites speak to Job Seekers, Youth and Young Adults, and Employers. Each audience has their own landing page where all of the services and events specific to them are presented.

EYEMG built a special tool for job seekers. The Virtual Assistant helps job seekers find the services and next steps specific to their job search. The tool asks them to mark off whether they were recently laid off, are long-term unemployed, need training, or are a veteran or have a disability and more. Based on their selections, a list of services and next steps is presented.

Multiple designs offered

EYEMG always presents multiple custom design options, not from templates. These designs are based on client definition and corporate branding guidelines.

Workforce Area Governance Website

EYEMG designed a special site for the Ohio Means Jobs Workforce Area Governance board.

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