EYEMG helped design and build the app in collaboration with UA students from many backgrounds and disciplines, including business, the arts, communications, and health sciences. The students developed marketing and communications plans to raise student awareness of this new and unique resource.The Successful U app is tailored to each student’s self-identified interests and needs. When a user first downloads and opens the app, it asks about their interests in six areas:• academics and career,• financial awareness,• leadership and volunteerism,• personal growth and wellness,• health and fitness, and• personal relationships.From there, users can set goals, learn about related campus programs and services, and be inspired by alumni and civic leaders. The app is designed to "push information" to students. For example, if a student is interested in outdoor adventure, she will learn about the opportunity to rent camping equipment from the student recreation center. If the student wants information to improve his fitness, he can browse for diet and work-out tips.

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