When Audio-Technica came to EYEMG, they wanted a site that delivers content in five languages. They wanted a site that serves four world areas. They wanted a site that delivers different products based on a user's language and world area. They wanted a site that could be managed by several people across the world. Our response - if it can be thought through logically, we can build it!The new Audio-Technica.com Website was released on April 4, 2005. The site contains more than one thousand pieces of content in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. Each world area has its own home page, managed by content authors in that world area.The new site was built on EYEMG's content management system, eyemg.Compose. This allows Audio-Technica to assign authors and moderators to sections of content, allowing distributed authoring across the world, and publishing approval by designated moderators. All resources (images, documents, products and logos) are stored in centralized repositories that are accessible to all authors when they are creating content.

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