Developers of A.B.Dick's phenomenally successful and the enhanced corporate ( web sites, EYEMG received two different awards of excellence for the creation of manufacturing client Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P. (AES) web site at

The nationally recognized Web Marketing Association (WMA) and the regional NEOSA, a private industry trade association in Ohio with its Cleveland area CAKI Awards, identified the AES site as 2003’s "Best Manufacturing Web Site" and "Best Worldwide Web Site”. This is the second consecutive year EYEMG has won industry recognition.

In 2002, EYEMG designed and manages the web site at for Glidden, a leading paint brand produced by ICI Paints, which won "Best Consumer Web Site".

Since coming online in April 2002, A.B.Dick's web site has re-energized the Consumables side of the company’s business. More than 5,000 customers now use the site, a 24/7 service that provides customers with flexibility for ordering supplies. Most orders, with a few clicks on a computer, can be handled in less than five minutes and 90 percent are delivered nationwide with next day service.

Completely user-friendly, the site continues to grow and increases its number of customers by 10-15 percent each month.Winning attributes of the site included its presentation in eight languages, a custom-built content management system, site visitor personalization options for future customer visits, and an electronic resource library. The site also empowers the company’s sales force.

"We congratulate the team at EYEMG for their outstanding achievements and for what they have enabled us to do with our electronic marketing efforts in the last 18 months," said Brian Longe ( BIO ), President and Chief Executive Officer of A.B.Dick Company. "Our ability to respond to and offer customers quicker help is a direct result of our online advancements. With EYEMG’s continued support, we plan to move ahead with greater enhancements in the future."

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