EYEMG-Interactive Media Group, an Internet technology and design firm, and SeraNova, Inc. (Nasdaq NM: SERA), a global provider of Internet professional services, have successfully implemented the HRlink content management solution into Ford Motor Company's human resources organization. The HRlink content management application allows over 3,600 Ford human resource professionals worldwide to share their knowledge within Ford's global organization. HRlink fosters an environment where knowledge can be stored and shared securely. With an intuitive web-based publishing system and built-in user activity reporting systems, content authors and moderators are empowered to manage their own content areas without having to be Webmasters. HRlink's subscription tools allow users to be notified when news and resources have been added to the sections that are most important to them. News items are also automatically pulled into strategic areas of the site where users can get a quick glimpse of what is new within HRlink. Built-in polling tools allow administrators to create and schedule polling questions which gather the opinions of the over 3,600 Human Resource professionals using the system. Users can view the results of any current and past polls. The application's success is due to the intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

"One of the largest barriers our clients run into with other content management solutions is the learning curve necessary to use them," said Andrew Holland, President of EYEMG - Interactive Media Group. "Our tool organizes the content in a simple outline view, where each layer of the outline can be managed by a set of content authors and moderators. Our clients love the tool because they are used to organizing their thoughts in an outline format. We think it reminds of their high school report writing days."


Interactive Media Group EYEMG is a provider of Internet technology and design services, focused on custom solutions for business-to-business clientele. Created from a team of multimedia experts in 1994, EYEMG has gained national recognition and is well respected among the large industrials gathered in northeast Ohio. The company's strength lies in its ability to offer a comfortable balance of both design and technical competency. Services include online strategy, brand building on the Web, custom design and programming and Internet-based software solutions. Visit EYEMG on the World Wide Web at www.eyemg.com.

About SeraNova

SeraNova is a global provider of Internet professional services, including business-tobusiness solutions. As of July 6, 2000, SeraNova is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq National Market (NASDAQ: SERA). The Company's services enable clients to combine the scope and efficiencies of the Internet with their existing business processes. The Company's services include strategy consulting, creative design, technology implementation and maintenance of Internet-based software applications. In all client engagements, the Company applies the proprietary SeraNova Time-to-Market Approach methodology, to deliver these services. SeraNova focuses on five industry markets - financial services, telecommunications, automotive, technology and healthcare. SeraNova's clients include Global 5000 companies and emerging Internet-based companies that conduct their business exclusively over the Internet. Visit SeraNova on the World Wide Web at www.seranova.com.

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