Drew's a superstitious guy. He's also addicted to snow and skiing. He was given a little La Niña doll as a gift by his wife and daughter in hopes of bringing more snow to the United States, and extend his skiing season.

You see, La Niña brings a higher sea surface temperature by a deviation of at least 0.5 °C. During the winter, La Niña would cause a wet period in the Midwestern U.S. (and hopefully more snow for Drew!) So, carrying little La Niña on the slopes, feeding her drinks and keeping her happy was one way Drew thought he could get her to bring more snow.

The following photo gallery shows just a few of the expeditions Drew and La Niña shared with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are offended by naked dolls, some of the following images may be disturbing to you. Drew's friend did make a special duct tape bikini for her to wear after Drew received a few complaints.

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