Dayton Children's Hospital

The former Dayton Children’s Hospital employee intranet was not widely utilized, and information was not organized in a very intuitive way.

So, eyemg created an Intranet that became more of a tool and mouthpiece for the hospital to reinforce the direction in which they were going. The current Intranet (named FOCUS) is used by more than 2,000 employees.

eyemg created the design and interface, and also developed all of the custom applications that build out the interface. eyemg also handled the migration of many of the old pages of the Intranet into a solid, easy-to-understand outline.

eyemg performed two usability tests to make sure we were on the right track when it came to content naming and organization.


Specification, Web Design

Departmental Pages

Each of the main hospital intranet departments has a sectional page. These pages highlight the most popular content, the tools that are most often used, and links to files and content related to the department.

All policies are stored in one place, searchable

All policies and procedures are organized by department and category. Employees can search the policies by category, department and keyword.

Calendar of events

A calendar of events is maintained by the Intranet team. Special events are highlighted on the calendar, and a mini event calendar appears throughout the entire site in a sidebar.

Advanced searching capability

Instead of a basic keyword search and results, we broke all content out by type of content (event, news, site content, files, forms, policies, etc.). Employees can search by keyword, by category, or both. Search results are organized into content blocks by type.

Access to all tools

eyemg created a toolbox where all links to tools are managed. These tools are shown in a full list, and are also filtered to show only the related tools on the departmental pages.

Site-wide widgets

On each page of the site, we put the date & time,  a weather bug, a link to the cafeteria menus, a count-up of days since the last safety incident and two search options - an employee directory search and a site-wide content search

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