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eyemg was instrumental in the creation of the Glidden Color@Home CD-ROM. eyemg provided the interface design and also the interactive software that wrapped a customized piece of visualization software.

The Color@Home II paint visualization application allows a homeowner to try infinite permutations of color combinations on pre-selected interior and exterior room and home types and on digital images of the ownerís home.

Over 500,000 CD-ROMs hit the market , utilizing nationwide Home Depotís as distribution points. By seeding the market with 500,000 CD-ROMs, the Web site also became a focal point for project minded consumers.


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Color Visualization Software

Color@Home II is Glidden's interactive software that allows you to visualize different Glidden color combinations before you paint. It allows you to enter photos of your home and then perform a virtual color transformation. Do-it-yourselfers will be able to paint their home inside and out, experimenting with all 648 colors from the Glidden color palette. This program removes the uncertainty associated with major interior / exterior

Save Your Color@Home Pictures on the Site

Once you colorize your images, you can save the images and color selections in your project planner on the Glidden Web site. This combination is unique because we have converged the Web site with an application on a CD-ROM to enhance the user’s experience.

Color@Home Is Redesigned & Re-released

The Glidden Color@Home CD-ROM was so popular, we redesigned it and re-released it through the Home Depot's across the United States.

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