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With funding from Hyundai Hope on Wheels, Akron Childrenís Hospital had eyemg develop an online tool to give childhood cancer survivors the resources they need to understand and manage their late effects.

Through CancerLateFX, a free, personalized app and website, childhood cancer survivors can receive educational information, tips, tools and resources to keep them informed and healthy throughout their adult lives.

The app generates content based on a personís symptoms and medical history. It also uses the survivorís cancer type and specific medications/treatments to introduce goals, prevention tips and talking points that can be further explored with the userís current healthcare provider.

As the grant duration has passed, the app and website are no longer available.


Specification, Hosting/Colocation, Identity Design, Native App Development, Web Development, Web Design

Website Homepage

The website, iPhone and Android app all share the same tools. Users can get educational information, view pre-written goals, write their own goals, get Web resources, store their favorite site content, set up reminders about appointments, jot down talking points to discuss with their providers and even store important medical information. Of course, they can enter all of the information on the website, and have it available on their iPhone or Android device.

Cancer Late Effects Information

The website contains late effects information: risks and what to look out for. This information is edited via a content management system at Akron Children's Hospital Late Effects Clinic.

Users can save their favorites

When a user runs across a helpful web resource or late effects informational sheet, they can save them to their "Favorites".

Medical history on-the-go

Users can record information about their providers, surgeries, drugs/agents received and more.

The CancerLateFX App

All tools are also available in an iPhone and Android app. The data from the website can also be shared with the user's apps.

All tools available

The app allows the user to access all of the same tools as the website, via a simple dropdown menu.

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