The former Dayton Children’s Hospital employee intranet was not widely utilized, it was not engaging, difficult to find information, and wasn’t user-friendly, leaving employees frustrated when they couldn’t locate the information they needed to do their job.

We had the opportunity to improve employee engagement by utilizing the intranet as a tool to share the strategy/direction of Dayton Children’s and to continue building employees’ confidence in our new strategic road map through information sharing.

Three years prior, we successfully partnered with eyemg to rebrand and relaunch our website, Therefore, partnering with eyemg for our internal site was a very easy decision. We knew that by selecting eyemg to custom build a content management system would give us exactly what we needed and wanted – built to our needs and specifications.

The team at eyemg was instrumental in helping us build a platform to communicate tools and resources to more than 2,000 employees. More than 400 pages - out of 2,000 - were migrated into the new site, while many new sections were custom built by eyemg. Additionally, eyemg performed two usability tests to ensure our assumptions on navigation were accurate. Additionally, they went above and beyond to put us in touch with other children's hospitals to assist with benchmarking. Throughout this project, they were available 24/7 for questions, help and support.

This project was on a short timeline - less than five months from start until launch. However, we launched without a hitch and even launched a day early! Additionally, the final project was within our budget.

What were the results? We had a 27 percent increase in page views within 90 days. Nine months later, page views have increased an additional 18.9 percent, far exceeding our objectives. I truly believe we would not have had this type of success if we had selected another platform or vendor. The team at eyemg was a true partner in the success of this project.

Kristen Bowser, BS, MA, APR
Marketing Communications

Kristen Bowser, BS, MA, APR

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